Zynga closes 11 games as cost-cutting measure

As ongoing financial woes continue to plague the social gaming behemoth, Zynga has shut down and will continue to close 11 of its free-to-play games.

VentureBeat reports that in addition to FishVille and Treasure Isle, several more games have been taken down: PetVille, Mafia Wars Shakedown, ForestVille, Mojitomo, Word Scramble Challenge, Vampire Wars, Montopia, Mafia Wars 2, and Indiana Jones Adventure World.

Two more games are facing the axe as well, although which are still a mystery. It appears Zynga is targeting older games that have lost their popularity. When Pincus first announced the closures, he also mentioned reducing the company’s investment in The Ville, which is facing an infringement suit from Electronic Arts. These moves are part of a “cost reduction plan” for the publisher.

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Zynga closes 11 games as cost-cutting measure

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