Zombies coming to Plague Inc in February ‘mutation’

James Vaughan likes coming up with new ways to kill off humanity for fun, and hopefully profit for his indie company Ndemic Creations. Coming next month, Vaughan (aka jamiejme to Shack users) will unleash a new mutation of Plague Inc on the unsuspecting public, this time with a Necroa virus that turns the population into zombies.

“I have made sure that the Necroa Virus is still a firm fit inside the Plague Inc. universe,” Vaughan said when asked why he was going more the horror route than the previously fact-based or realistically sci-fi viruses. “Its just a bit heavier on the sci fi. Most zombie films/games get to ignore all the scientific/genetic details but I’ve had to really wade into all of it to create a realistic and consistent world. Solid pseudo science underpins the Necroa Virus for the most part , e.g. it addresses how zombies get energy to power the cells of their bodies (permanent anaerobic respiration) and factors in zombie decay.”

The AI won’t be able to fight back with a cure as with previous viruses, but new organization called Z Com will be trying to thwart the player’s attempt to zombify the world. He said thousands have people have asked about it, making it an easy choice to add, since it was something he wanted to do when the game was in its concept stages.

Other items in the update include new music, events and achievements, as well as government responses to various virus outbreaks. Vaughan said the update will require the player to alter some of the strategies they may have used in the past.

The Mutation 1.5 update will cost $1.99, or will be free if you have beaten all the other levels on brutal, including the previous update’s Neurax Worm. It will be available for iOS and Android sometime in February, but Vaughan said he’s not sure yet if it will be a simultaneous release because of “the complexities of Android testing on multiple devices” and all of the changes coming in the update.

The game has done particularly well, coming in as the top 20 paid app on iPhone and iPad in 2012. The popularity has Vaughan already planning new mutations for the game’s future. He said the company has even started thinking of new games as well.

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Zombies coming to Plague Inc in February ‘mutation’

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