Weekend PC download deals: Winter sales get bigger

It’s the last weekend before Christmas! NOOOO! Where did the time go? I know, you should probably be shopping for last-second gifts and trying to navigate the mall parking lots, like a goon. But why do that when you could stock up on a huge number of PC titles? Because let’s face it, Christmas only comes once a year and you can say the same thing about winter sales.

GameFly Digital is continuing its EA Holiday Sale, but they also have Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for $19.99. That’s the same as many other retailers until you factor in the 20% off coupon, which will bring that down to $15.99. Meanwhile, so many other retailers have kicked off their own winter sales, including Amazon with a grip of bundles, GamersGate continuing their Buy 3 Get 1 Free promo, Green Man Gaming offering daily deals by publisher, Humble Bundle just killing it with fantastic deals on indie titles, and Steam being Steam with their gargantuan Winter Sale. Check out the best deals after the break.

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Weekend PC download deals: Winter sales get bigger

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