The Witcher 3 will feature more ‘personal’ story, twist ending

The Witcher 3 promises to end CD Projekt’s RPG trilogy. Because this will be the last game starring Geralt, the story has been crafted to be much more personal than in The Witcher 2, lead quest designer Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz explained. “In the Witcher 2, we have dabbled a lot in the big politics… and some players, they liked that, but it was too much for them,” he said. “Of course, we will keep those elements, but they won’t be the main arc of the story. This time, the story will be more personal, it will involve what Geralt wants. It will revolve around Geralt and his close ones.”

Tomaszkiewicz promises to leave no stone unturned in concluding the story, promising answers to questions that have been multiple games in the making. “It will sum up the storyline of Geralt, and it will be the crowning part of the Witcher trilogy,” he told Game Informer. That’s another reason why the storyline is more personal. The topic of Gerlad’s amnesia was touched in the Witcher 2, but we didn’t explain it in whole. Right now, we aim to explain those plot lines that were not closed in the first games.”

As to why CDPR is ending the franchise after this game, director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz said that Geralt is an “old tired man,” while reflecting that he is as well. Still, he hopes that the franchise can end on a bang. “This is the last part of the trilogy, and our biggest goal is to finish it with a big surprise. With a huge twist.”

The Witcher 3 will feature more ‘personal’ story, twist ending

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