Stratego launches on iPad, Facebook

Another classic board game is getting pushed into the digital realm today, with the launch of Stratego on iPad and Facebook. The online title from developer Keesing Games lets you play cross-platform and features various customization options in your effort to capture the flag from the clutches of the largely mustachioed opposing force.

The game is $6.99 on the App Store or free-to-play on Facebook. You can play the full 40-piece game, or a quick 10-piece game when time is precious. You can customize game pieces and maps as well, though we expect they’ll all be pretty similar. You need to cut through enemy pieces to make your way to the enemy flag, hidden behind soldiers, spies, and mines.

“Stratego transports the classic strategy game into the digital era with enriched web and mobile versions,” said Keesing’s Dennis Maas, in the announcement. “Fans of the original board game will experience the same great game they love, but now with modern-day features that they can play anywhere.”

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Stratego launches on iPad, Facebook

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