Steam Greenlight update adds skip option, collections

Steam Greenlight continues to plug ahead with more games vying to become breakout stars, but Valve has tweaked some things under the hood to make for a smoother experience as well. A new update includes options to make it easier for users to keep an eye on the games they’re interested in, and more detailed stat information for developers.

The update notes includes the ability to skip items in your vote queue, which will remove them for a month and then reshuffle them into your vote queue. Or, if you want to go back manually, you can find them in the “Items to Revisit Later” menu. In addition to Favorites, you can now “follow” an item to be notified of updates from the developer. You can also create a collection of your favorites, and post announcements to others browsing your collections. Plus, if you want to spread the word about a game, the update includes social media hooks.

Developers, meanwhile, get a more detailed set of stats to show how many people are looking at their game or software, how many people are voting, and the stats on a timeline. Check out Greenlight to get started with the new tools.

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Steam Greenlight update adds skip option, collections

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