Sony files patent for ‘EyePad’

Sony registers patents at a fairly regular pace, and nothing ever comes of some of them. But sometimes, they’re just so bizarre or interesting that we have to take a look. A new patent from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe details the “EyePad,” a flat tablet that interacts with a variety of functions.

The patent (via Kotaku) was filed in the summer of 2012, and seems to be for the sake of R&D. The screen can act as a touchpad, detect motion above the touchpad with embedded cameras, and track motion with the PlayStation Eye.

The “EyePad” moniker seems to be a code name, and it may never come to market. We have heard rumors that Sony is interested in putting a touch screen on its PlayStation 4 controller, and yesterday we even saw a rumored prototype. It could be that this device is a precursor to that controller, another control option, or even just an R&D project that never gets off the ground. Only time will tell.

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Sony files patent for ‘EyePad’

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