Skyrim 1.9 beta update adds ‘Legendary’ difficulty, skill reset

You may be the Dovahkiin and all, but if you’ve run the length of Skyrim backwards and forwards you might be craving a little extra challenge. The game’s 1.9 update plans to fix all that, and PC players can already download the beta to take advantage of the new features and bug fixes.

The Bethesda Blog outlines two major features: a new Legendary difficulty setting, and Legendary skills. If you hit level 100 for a skill, you can make it “Legendary,” which resets it to level 15, resets the Perks, and allows it to be used for leveling again. Effectively, this means that the overall level cap is removed as long as you keep resetting your skills. The update also comes paired with dozens of general stability improvements and bug fxies.

Steam users can opt-in to the beta from the Properties menu, from the Library. Bethesda recommends you make sure you have existing saves and you don’t save over them, and says you should start without user-made mods to be on the safe side. The studio hopes to roll out the beta to console players sometime later this month.

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Skyrim 1.9 beta update adds ‘Legendary’ difficulty, skill reset

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