SimCity launches ‘Airship’ DLC

SimCity is taking a unique (and not altogether practical) approach to reducing city traffic: balloons! The new “Airships” pack is available for $8.99, and includes two Airships, two balloon parks with ten unique balloons, and an Event Blimp for your stadium.

The two airships described on the official blog sound the most useful. A Commuter Airship transports workers, while a Tourist Airship brings in tourists. The tourist ship has a higher capacity than a bus, and the commuter ship sets a network between cities. Setting the ships in your city will eventually make the event blimp show up, and you can set up a commuting network with other airship-owning mayors. The balloon parks will make your city happier as well.

You can grab the DLC through the SimCity launcher, via Origin, or by clicking on an in-game billboard. Check out a trailer below.

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SimCity launches ‘Airship’ DLC

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