Red 5 founder apologizes for Firefall open beta troubles

Firefall’s open beta didn’t have the best start. Server troubles prevented many players from logging into the game, while others reported problems completing the game’s tutorial. Red 5 founder Mark Kern has taken note of these issues and has issued an apology to those affected before outlining potential fixes.

“Stage 1 of Open Beta was meant to stress our system, and we gained many, many players during that time that did, indeed, stress our servers,” Kern said on his website (via Polygon). “We have taken many steps to improve the way the service handles load. While we still have more to do, we have greatly stabilized the service and restored functionality.”

Kern goes on to say that the majority of login errors have been fixed, as are many of the bugs related to the tutorials, calldown menus, user interface, and dropships. Printer and garage responsiveness has also been improved, with both features receiving new tutorial videos. Kern concluded by noting that the team will continue to roll out remaining fixes, while rolling out new content and features on a regular basis.

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Red 5 founder apologizes for Firefall open beta troubles

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