PlanetSide 2 patch adds VR training and cloaking quad bikes

Ooh, aah, with so many things to unlock and buy in PlanetSide 2, how do you know which to get? Thanks to today’s patch, you can now try before you buy and play with every toy in the game in a new virtual reality training area. The hefty update also brought cloaking for quad bikes, bug fixes, and a bajillion balance tweaks.

As the patch notes explain, the VR area warps you away to a safe place “where you can try every weapon, vehicle, and upgrade available to your empire.” It’s filled with shooting ranges, target dummies, and plenty of space to fly and drive around. If you’re not sure what to get next, go play!

Balance tweaks hit everything from ammo capacity to explosions. Surely the most novel tweaks, though, are for the Flash quad bike. Infilitrators can now briefly cloak them, and a seat on the back means people can ride shotgun–literally. Grab a peek at that in this recent video teasing things on the PS2 development roadmap:

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PlanetSide 2 patch adds VR training and cloaking quad bikes

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