Peter Molyneux shows off Project Godus multiplayer

For a long time it looked like Peter Molyneux and 22cans’ Project Godus would fall well short of its crowd-funding goal, but with two days now left to go, a rush of pledges has brought the god game tantalisingly close. To help nudge it across the line, 22cans has put out a new video showing Molyneux and fellow designer Jack Attridge facing off in the early prototype’s multiplayer.

Around this time yesterday, Godus was still £80,000-ish (around $130,000) short of its Kickstarter goal. With 50 hours left as I write, it now only needs another £16,447 ($27,000 or so). Looks like we’ll see Populous creator Molyneux make at least one more god game in his career after all.

Look, here he is trying to smite his co-worker’s followers:

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Peter Molyneux shows off Project Godus multiplayer

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