Oculus Rift dev kits delayed until March

Oculus Rift, the head-mounted VR display that earned well beyond its initial Kickstarter goal, has had its kickoff delayed a few months. When Oculus opened pre-orders for developer kits, it was hoping to send them out in January. That target has now been pushed to March.

A post on the Kickstarter page announced the new date, and explained the difficulties of getting mass production up and running. It will take at least 90 days to prepare for production, and that’s once the feature set is locked down. It’s aiming to manufacture 7,500 kits in all, and will be doling them out in order of the Kickstarter pledges, along with the Kickstarter rewards. That means some might not get theirs until sometime in mid-April. Those who ordered after the Kickstarter will get theirs later still.

The post also states that the company is starting to plan out the consumer version of the Oculus Rift, and promises details of that to come as it continues R&D and starts to lock down features.

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Oculus Rift dev kits delayed until March

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