Nintendo 3DS XL back in black

If you’re old enough to need a jumbo-sized Nintendo 3DS XL for your poorly peepers, perhaps you’re also old enough that you feel self-conscious about being seen with a blue, red or pink system. Fear not, you big babies: from August 11, the 3DS XL will be available in pure black too, so you can look oh-so-cool as you chat with animals during your commute.

Guys, I don’t know what else to say. It’ll be black. With black bits. No colored highlights. Do you like the color black and the Nintendo 3DS XL? You may like owning the handheld in black. Which you’ll be able on August 11, the same day that Mario & Luigi: Dream Team comes out. It’ll cost $199.99, like any other 3DS XL. I give up.

Nintendo 3DS XL back in black

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