New Mega Man game in production

Your internet outrage can be contained–for now. Capcom announced development of a new Mega Man game during its PAX East panel today. While it wasn’t ready to talk specifically about the new game, it did drop a few other announcements about re-releases to hold us over in the meantime.

Joystiq reports that the company is “‘not ready’ to fully announce it just yet.” However, there are some classics hitting the eShop to sate you for the time being. Mega Man 4 will come to the 3DS eShop on April 25, and Mega Man 5 will follow on May 16. The company will also be releasing a light-up figure to mark the blue bomber’s 25th anniversary.

Late last year, Capcom was gauging interest in a downloadable, HD Mega Man game. Presumably that has something to do with this new one that is confirmed in the works, but we might not hear specific details for a while. At least Frog Man can keep us occupied until then.

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New Mega Man game in production

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