Monster Hunter XX – Capcom addresses SD card issue

- issue with SD card where they weren’t recognized by the game

- Capcom released an update that changed the way save data was handled in order to minimize the issue

- now Capcom has realized its an issue with SD cards itself

- issue arises when using a faulty SD Card

- corrupted data is generated, which then triggers the issue causing the SD Card from not being recognized by the 3DS

- the solution is to delete the corrupted data and use a different SD Card

- if you keep using the same SD Card even after deleting the corrupted data, the issue will inevitably arise again

- you may even start getting issues with other games

- the update released a few days ago did help with the issue somewhat

- if you’ve never encountered the issue, you can keep playing without changing the SD card

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Monster Hunter XX – Capcom addresses SD card issue

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