Minecraft for Xbox getting ‘The End’ with update 8

The Xbox Live Arcade version of Minecraft has been a breakout success on the platform, but it’s missing one key thing: an ending. That’s all set to change once Title Update 8 hits.

Play XBLA reports that “The End,” in which the player warps to a void area to battle an Ender Dragon, will come with TU8. But first up will be Title Update 7, which will bring about animal breeding, potion brewing, enchantment tables, a mushroom biome, and nether fortress. On Twitter, 4J Studios revealed a few additional details. You’ll earn XP every 30 points, rather than 50, and you can bank it by mining, crafting, and breeding animals.

No release timing has been announced for the updates, but they tend to be spaced a few months apart, so it may be a while yet before Xbox players can experience “The End.”

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Minecraft for Xbox getting ‘The End’ with update 8

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