Meta-RPG Knights of Pen & Paper coming to PC

Yo dawg, I heard you like RPGs, so I put an RPG in your RPG so you can roleplay as you roleplay. People tell me I’m “funny”. But hey, look, Paradox Interactive is bringing Behold Studios’s “meta-RPG” Knights of Pen & Paper to PC in a shiny +1 Edition, so people sitting at desks can roleplay people sitting at tables roleplaying fantasy heroes off on adventures.

Yes, the clever conceit is that you’re roleplaying a party of roleplayers from classes including Pizza Guy, Little Brother, Jock, Rocker, and Paris. They have their own stats and receive bonuses based on how you furnish your game room and feed them. Then you have your roleplayers’ roleplaying characters too. Together, you all kill monsters, loot treasure, and bicker.

The original mobile game is coming to PC, Mac, and Linux some time from April to June with “new features, improvements, and content” including more dungeons. The +1 Edition will also go home to iOS and Android. Visit the official page for more information.

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Meta-RPG Knights of Pen & Paper coming to PC

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