Men of War dev crowd-funding Call to Arms

Seasoned Men of War developer Digitalmindsoft is plotting more real-time strategy shenanigans and wants your help. And money. Mostly your money. Its new game Call to Arms will drag the MoW formula into modern times with shiny modern guns and shiny modern tanks and shiny modern graphics.

The crowd-funding campaign is seeking €100,000 (around $130,000) to finish the game up, as it already has some funding. Naturally it has stretch goals in mind, starting with skill-based matchmaking and support for Steam Workshop and Steam Cloud at €150k.

Described as “the true successor of the Men of War series,” Call to Arms boasts “two playable factions, 20 realistically modeled vehicles and heavy weaponry, as well as over 60 firearms and customization.” Numbers are important, see. Big is good. Oh, and you can take direct control of any unit yourself.

“Aside from the modern theme, what will change compared to the classic Men of War? We believe it’s time to improve the series and the engine it’s running on,” Digitalmindsoft said. “Every cent offered will go back into development to create higher resolution graphics, engine optimizations and greater content!”

Crowd-funding pitches without gameplay footage or even screenshots are playing a dangerous game, but as Digitalmindsoft is basically updating a game it’s been making for years, chiefly in collaboration with Best Way, its track record may be enough to secure the money.

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Men of War dev crowd-funding Call to Arms

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