MechWarrior Online to officially launch September 17

Piranha Games announced the official release date for MechWarrior Online today. After a lengthy beta test, it will launch version 1.0 on September 17. This came alongside a few new mechs joining the fray in the currently running beta.

For a game that hasn’t launched, though, it’s racked up some impressive play stats in the open beta. It now boasts more than one million registered users, who have logged more than 9.6 million hours piloting their Mechs, resulting in 46,941,487 destroyed mechs. To really drive the comparison home, Piranha pointed out that the mechs have fired approximately 12 billion missiles during the open beta.

Today, an update adds the Dragon Slayer Hero Mech (trailer below), and four new Trial mechs. Full patch notes for today’s update are available at the forums.

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MechWarrior Online to officially launch September 17

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