MechWarrior Online introduces capture-and-hold mode

Free-to-play stompy robot sim MechWarrior Online is bolstered with a new mode today, Conquest. It seems to be your standard competitive team-based capture-and-hold mode, only with, you know, giant stompy robots. Lovely jubbly.

As Piranha explains, Conquest sees fives resource collectors scattered around the map, which give a steady flow of non-specific-but-presumably-precious resources to teams which control them. Rather than drawing up contracts, signing forms, watching for payment to clear and all that, you seize control by blowing up nearby enemies then loitering while ownership magically transfers.

Today’s patch, which should be up and running around 1PM PT today, also includes loads of other stuff. It brings a new mech, nicer rewards to get new players started, special holiday items, bug fixes, balance tweaks, and more.

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MechWarrior Online introduces capture-and-hold mode

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