Mass Effect 3 team teases next DLC with screens

Mass Effect 3 has already gotten a pretty large round of downloadable content. We know the studio is all hands on deck for whatever is coming next, and the studio has dropped a few clues in the form of screenshots.

Both executive producer Casey Hudson and producer Mike Gamble tweeted new screenshots today. Hudson’s screen was of a brightly lit casino setting, which he said “looks like a nice place for some R&R.” Gamble showed off an armored Krogan swinging a hefty-looking melee weapon. Gamble also later called them “teasers,” just in case there was any remaining doubt that these screens were a look at the next bit of DLC.

These screens make us think the next DLC will continue to expand the campaign, rather than offer any sort of “epilogue.” So after saving Omega and meeting Leviathan, maybe Shepard needs a break at one of the galaxy’s lovely gambling establishments. That Krogan would make one mean bouncer when Shepard loses one too many hands. We’ll have to wait for BioWare to share some more details to know the full extent of the downloadable content, so this look will have to tide fans over for now.

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Mass Effect 3 team teases next DLC with screens

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