Malicious Rebirth brings more boss battles to PS Vita

Cult PlayStation Network action game Malicious is getting a follow-up on PS Vita. Like the PS3 original, the game’s gimmick is all about fighting bosses in any order and using their powers to defeat the remaining goliaths. It’s sort of like Mega Man.

The PlayStation.Blog announcement explains that the Vita version will offer more levels, bosses, and powers to acquire than the PS3 original. “The key to survival lies in your timing with Aura, which you can use to heal yourself or perform powerful attacks on well-defended bosses, so you’ll want to go for chain attacks to acquire Aura quickly,” the blog points out.

The PS Vita version will also utilize the touch screen in some way, although it’s not clear how. Given that this isn’t a straight port, it seems that cross-play and cross-buy features will not be supported.

The rest is here:
Malicious Rebirth brings more boss battles to PS Vita

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