Indie Gala offers indie games… and Mass Effect 2

Indie Gala has launched a campaign to help the Vancouver game development community, and it has enlisted help from some Canadian friends. The name-your-own price game bundle is offering seven games, including Mass Effect 2 from Alberta-based BioWare and Shank 2 from Vancouver’s own Klei Enterainment.

Paying the bare minimum of a penny on the Indie Gala will get you Rebuild. If you’re slightly less of a cheapskate, you can pay $1 or more to get Kill Fun Yeah!, Shadowgrounds, and Zombie Driver HD. Finally, if you pay more than the average (approximately $6, as of the time of writing), you’ll also net Gimbal, Shank 2, Mass Effect 2, and DLC for Zombie Driver. Two more mystery games will be unveiled next week: one for the lower tier, and one for the higher tier. Both will be unlocked if you’ve already paid. Most of the games activate on Steam or Desura, while ME2 activates on Origin.

Revenue from the bundles will go towards scholarships for indie developers through the Launch Academy local incubator, and for game entrepreneur Matt Toner‘s political campaign.

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Indie Gala offers indie games… and Mass Effect 2

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