Gears of War: Judgment to feature rotating ‘Reaper’ player

Among its myriad of other multiplayer elements and modes, Gears of War: Judgment will choose one player per week to give opponents the heebie-jeebies. Epic Games announced at SXSW that each week, a player will be chosen to become the Epic Reaper, a scary foe with his own set of abilities.

According to the Epic Blog, the Reaper will be hand-picked based on contributions to the community. The Reaper sports his own abilities and physics, making him difficult to kill. If you manage to take down a Reaper, you get a special medal and custom weapon skin. The Reaper player will be rewarded with a set of custom dog tags.

Epic employees will also have access to the Reaper, slightly increasing your chance of coming across one in a match. But it seems Epic is intentionally making it a rare event, which will make it all the more shocking when you see that ugly mug floating your way.

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Gears of War: Judgment to feature rotating ‘Reaper’ player

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