Dust 514 planning ‘near-monthly’ updates

CCP says updates will be coming quickly for Dust 514 over the next six months, and has committed to a faster update cycle. It claims that starting with Uprising 1.2, it will be offering “near-monthly” due to a special arrangement with Sony to speed up the submissions process.

A recent blog post (via Polygon) says they are “intensely devoted” to updating the game, and have made a roadmap of fixes to the core game systems. Specifically, it will be targeting aiming and aim assist, controls, vehicle handling, and battlefield movement, as well as adding a welcome screen and tweaking how you get into a battle.

The next big update, coming in Uprising 1.2, is a new “Commando” dropsuit role. It lets you equip two light weapons for more versatility. Other dropsuits will get special “Neo” versions, as well as a variety of special plates and modules. Finally, the Planetary Conquest experience will be tweaked to give more power to the corporation officers, and to enable ISK transfers between characters. It will also include more range options for your weapons, improved visuals and sounds, and some UI alterations.

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Dust 514 planning ‘near-monthly’ updates

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