Double Fine’s Massive Chalice Kickstarter ends at $1.2 million

Massive Chalice, the Double Fine crowdfunding campaign that passed its initial funding goal within five days, has now ended. Its final tally was approximately $1.2 million, far above the goal but not quite by the ratio of the studio’s first Kickstarter.

To be precise, the Kickstarter campaign ended at $1,229,015 out of an initial $725,000 target. Double Fine didn’t mention any stretch goals, but promised that “the game’s scope will grow based on the amount of total backing we receive.” Massive Chalice is described as a strategy RPG with rogue-like elements.

Double Fine’s first Kickstarter, for an adventure game that was later named Broken Age, achieved more than $3 million from an initial $400,000 goal. That one is largely attributed to getting the ball rolling on crowdfunding as a games business model, so it seems only natural that it would have enjoyed a larger turnout.

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Double Fine’s Massive Chalice Kickstarter ends at $1.2 million

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