DICE teases Battlefield 4 vehicles

Vehicles are a staple of the Battlefield series, and DICE has started teasing some of the new ones in store for Battlefield 4. Since it largely takes place in China, it will feature a variety of Chinese vehicles, along with aquatic rides.

According to a post on the official site, Battlefield 4 will showcase the Type 99 MBT, ZFB-05 Armored Car, Z-9 Haitun Transport Heli, and Z-10W Attack Heli. It also showed off the first screenshot of one of the new vehicles, the Chinese Z-10W Attack Heli (above).

The brief Q&A also detailed amphibious vehicles and water combat options. The vehicles will include the DV15 Interceptor Attack Boat, RCB-90, and jet-skis. You’ll also be able to dive underwater from your boat or jet-ski to escape, and you can use one-handed weapons and gadgets while in the water.

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DICE teases Battlefield 4 vehicles

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