Diablo 1.0.8 patch live with multiplayer upgrades

The promised upgrades to Diablo 3‘s cooperative play experience are out today with the new 1.0.8 patch, along with a bunch of adjustments to the classes, monsters and loot to make adventuring a bit easier.

Numerous matchmaking and social functions have been added to make it easier to find and hook up with friends. And once hooked up, Blizzard added functions to cut back on party members waiting around while other did tedious, yet necessary tasks. Now, players have the ability to mass identify magic items in your bags.

If monsters were knocking you around too much, a nerf has been applied. Hit points for monsters in multiplayer have been decreased by 20 percent per player. In addition, most classes had several spells and abilities buffed to do more damage. For a complete list of fixes and changes, you can check out the full patch notes.

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Diablo 1.0.8 patch live with multiplayer upgrades

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