Defense Grid: Containment DLC released

Defense Grid: The Awakening developer Hidden Path may have fell short of its Kickstarter dream of funding a sequel to the tower defense, but it did raise enough money to make new DLC. That expansion, Containment, is out now on PC for $4.99, bringing eight new maps with a new story, including voicework from Firefly’s Alan Tudyk.

Containment is available now from Steam. To celebrate the launch, the base game is 50% off, down to $4.99, and all the other DLC is 25% off.

Hidden Path hasn’t given up on Defense Grid 2 even thought the Kickstarter fell short of that stretch goal, mind. “We’re still working to close the funding gap between what we have and what we need in order to make that game, but we’ll keep you updated as we work to make that game a reality,” the dev said in a recent blog post.

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Defense Grid: Containment DLC released

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