Dead Island: Epidemic’s MOBA gameplay detailed

Deep Silver was rather vague when it announced Dead Island: Epidemic, a free-to-play MOBA that the publisher likes to label “ZOMBA” for marketing purposes (It’s “Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena, if you must know.)

Epidemic eschews the first-person view the series has been known for, and instead goes for the same top-down view of so many other MOBAs. Still, it stays true to the series’ focus on crafting, with players being able to craft any of hundreds of weapons, trinkets, and items.

Players won’t be fighting just the undead. In Epidemic, human players will be fighting each other as well. Twelve players are split up into three teams of four, and everyone will be competing for various control points strewn about the map. There will be “dynamic gameplay objectives” and shifting targets that will keep teams on their toes.

Perhaps the most interesting thing Deep Silver is attempting with Epidemic is forcing teams to compete–and cooperate–with one another. Not only will some objectives require cooperation, but super-boss zombies will occasionally appear, “requiring the cooperation of all 3 competing teams” to take down.

Here are some fresh new screens:

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Dead Island: Epidemic’s MOBA gameplay detailed

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