Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC adds deathmatch

For times when you simply want to shoot men, the PC edition of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has added a deathmatch mode. Modders hacked such a thing into the game months ago, of course, but now it’s all proper and official and shiny. Yesterday’s patch also brought a whole heap of balance changes.

“You can join a Deathmatch on either the Classic maps or the Demolition and Arms Race maps,” Valve explains. “Practice your aim with individual weapons like the pros, spawn with a random weapon, or boost your score by taking advantage of bonus timers. There’s no wrong way to play.”

Balance-wise, recoil has been tweaked for all weapons, the rifles, pistols and P90 have received special attention, and molotovs are now cheaper for the Terrorist side. Check the patch notes for the full list of balance changes.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC adds deathmatch

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