Brian Blessed bellows in War of the Roses DLC

It’s difficult to make a living purely from being loud and enthusiastic–I should know–but bless him, Brian Blessed somehow manages. Britain’s favourite bearded loud man, who you may know as the hawkman Prince Vultan from the movie Flash Gordon, has been crammed into a recording booth to provide sonorous cheers and jeers for a new War of the Roses DLC voice pack. It launched yesterday at $4.99, which is a pittance to pay for Brian chuffing Blessed.

Dear old Brian’s bellowing will replace the standard announcer if you buy the DLC, and you get to inflict it upon other players too.

The DLC is available now from, well, wherever you bought War of the Roses in the first place. Publisher Paradox has also released a demo for Fatshark’s melee ‘em up, out on Steam.

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Brian Blessed bellows in War of the Roses DLC

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