Bound by Flame announced, coming late 2013

Spiders Studio announced Bound by Flame today, an action RPG targeting PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 for late 2013. The story focuses around a mercenary possessed by a flame demon, and decisions over whether to let the demon take more control will have an effect on the hero’s appearance and powers.

The announcement presents this as a moral decision, in that the game wants to tempt you to give up more of your soul to the demon to survive the game’s increasing challenges. It seems you could conceivably challenge yourself by resisting the temptation and trying to make it through as a lowly human. It sports three different skill trees specializing in combat, fire magic, and assassination. It also sports a crafting system, and NPCs with a relationship system determining if they become friends, lovers, or rivals. Today’s reveal only included one screenshot, of a Swamp Beast (above) to give an idea of the visuals.

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Bound by Flame announced, coming late 2013

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