Bethesda final teaser announces game reveal tomorrow

Bethesda has released the third (and thankfully last) animated image teasing its upcoming project. There are no astounding revelations in this one, other than the game, which is not Fallout, will finally be revealed tomorrow.

Today’s image, courtesy of the company’s Twitter feed, shows a large multi-paned window from inside a building. It is night outside and a low-watt spotlight hangs high on the wall. The camera is at all very low angle. Near the end, a person’s hair, or animal’s fur, can be seen in the shadows. The only sound you hear is a soft rhythmic grinding, almost like gears, or a film projector.

To recap, we have barbed wire, burning sunflowers, and now dimly lit fur. Check back tomorrow when all the pieces are put together and the game is announced.

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Bethesda final teaser announces game reveal tomorrow

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