App developer requests crowdfunding for Homeworld franchise

Relic Entertainment was among the studios picked up in yesterday’s THQ auction announcements, having been acquired by Sega. The Homeworld franchise pioneered by Relic, on the other hand, apparently wasn’t part of the deal. As a result, mobile studio teamPixel has started a crowd-funding campaign to purchase the IP.

The Save Homeworld project (via Polygon) is aiming for $50,000 with less than two weeks remaining. If it can successfully raise the funds for the property, it hopes to release the original game on digital download services, retrofit the original for touch-based devices, and release Homeworld 3.

“Given the separation of Relic and Homeworld at THQ and Relic’s production timetable leaked during bankruptcy proceedings, I currently believe the bankruptcy did not interrupt the production of any unannounced Homeworld games, and it is possible Sega may have no interest in the series either given Relic’s recent work,” reads a note from lead developer Robert Santos. “If that continues to be the case, we will pursue every avenue toward bringing this franchise back to life.”

The rest is here:
App developer requests crowdfunding for Homeworld franchise

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